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This is the vanity website for Jeff Cowen. Blue because I really like the color Blue, and Biker because of my interest in first Bicycling and later Motorcycling.

This built-from-scratch site won't become a blog, but will be photo-heavy with tons of contextual links. I hope that you find it useful or interesting. Thanks for looking!

Hurricane Katrina relief fund links below. Please feel free to donate through them or find another way to benefit the victims of the Gulf Coast hurricane.

Related links

American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief By making a financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
FEMA Donation/Volunteer for Katrina Federal Emergency Management Agency's list of organizations seeking donations and/or volunteers for Hurricane Katrina relief. Can you offer free temporary emergency living space for Katrina refugees? This service matches available housing with hurricane survivors who have nowhere to stay.
United Way Hurricane Katrina Response Fund The United Way Hurricane Katrina Response Fund has been activated to help affected communities along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi begin rebuilding their lives.


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