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Favorite foods and drinks

Makes everything taste betterHere are some of my favorite foods and drinks. I'm not really much of a cook, but there are things I especially enjoy preparing -- especially if it involves the grill.

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Damn Good Jerky! This really is damn good jerky. Can be ordered online, also available in some retail locations. Try the 'Death by Jerky' flavor, but not without a fire extinguisher handy.
Hofmann Sausage Co Hofmann Sausage of Syracuse NY has been open since 1879 producing the most wonderful German hot dogs and mustard for Heid's, the NY State Fair, and regional supermarkets. Yep, they also do mail order.
Sylvia's - Queen of Soul Food Sylvia's Sizzlin' Hot Spice is one fine combination of hot pepper and sassy flavor. It's good on practically anything, maybe even ice cream. Will have to try her other spices and sauces.

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Yummy huge shrimp at Dana's party


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