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Favorite ales and lagers

The best ale everPost Road Real Ale is my all-time favorite, a rich and smooth pale with citrusy Cascade hops which won awards at the Great American Beer Festival in 1989, 1994, and 1995. It was brewed by Catamount for the Old Marlborough Brewing Co., but sadly is no longer available.

It's actually kind of rare that I have more than two beers a month(!) in recent years, but I do love the taste and wanted to share my preferences. Several close friends of mine went through AA a while back, which pretty much turned me off to routine drinking. Besides, gotta stay extra-sharp when riding Blue-zookie!

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"A man's got to know his limitations." -- 'Dirty' Harry Callahan

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Pete's Wicked Ale Pete's Wicked Ale, a ruby brown ale brewed in Utica NY, is probably my favorite current ale.
Sam Adams Boston Lager Sam's is my favorite lager. Dark and flavorful, it also makes a fine keg beer if you're having a party for the discriminating. For whatever reason, I don't like Sam Adams ales at all.