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Mon September 19

Went overboard adding page media references: actors, albums, books, movies, newsgroups, quotations, and songs.

Sun September 18

Just for fun created icons for all the external site links. All created with The GIMP, of course.

Filled out new Beer and Restaurants pages. Getting hungry?

Sat September 17

Added new Family and NY State Fair pages. Note that all family pages are password protected.

Started putting more detail into the Tech pages.

Added new Links page to list all of the external links used on this site.

Thu September 1

Fixed up layout colors and added a buncha Food links.

Wed August 31

Provided United Way and Red Cross donation links for Hurricane Katrina, filled in some pix.

Thu August 18

Added Cindy Sheehan Vigil page from last night's event on Waltham Common.

Added Lynn Mem Day '05 page from May's parade.

Created this site. Will be migrating material from the old BlueSNAFU.